Joe Sweeney, Founder & CEO

B.A. Biochemistry & Mathematics, Hamline University
M.S. Physical Chemistry, University of California - Berkeley

Joe's experiences give him a diverse set of skills. With an extensive academic and research background in mathematics and science, he possesses strong reasoning abilities. As the founder of a mathematics and science tutoring company, he understands business and relationships. As a former state speech champion with extensive knowledge about politics, he understands influence and the operating procedures of government. Joe's self-taught programming skills and extensive network of friends in Silicon Valley help him to leverage technology to improve the administration of justice. In what can only be described as one of the most surreal personal legal battles, Joe quickly learned to practice law at a high level in order to withstand litigation as a self-represented litigant against nearly 20 attorneys, in 7 legal actions (family, civil, 4 appellate, and Supreme Court), to a disadvantage approaching $1 million in legal costs over a period of two and a half years. Joe's firsthand experiences with unchecked dysfunction in the court system have inspired him to reform the judicial process.


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