MISSION: To Modernize the Courts


Advances in technology are revolutionizing virtually every industry on earth. The public no longer needs to rely on blind faith and judicial independence because there are more trustworthy means of ensuring justice: technology, data, and disclosure. We push technologies that protect the public and increase access to court records, and we push policies that increase the transparency and accountability of the courts.



Electronic recording is more reliable, more accurate, and more detailed than traditional court reporting. Electronic document filing increases public access to court records. Both technologies save taxpayers money. Once in digital form, recordings and documents can be analyzed by intelligent software, which will protect the public from bias and misconduct.



Virtually any information can be extracted from digital records, including statistics of judges' rulings by demographic: gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status. Data analysis will help protect every person's Fourteenth Amendment rights to due process and equal protection, will protect good judges from public attacks, and will allow voters to hold bad judges accountable at the ballot box.



Judges are public officials who make life altering decisions every day. Disclosure of ruling statistics and complaints against judges are matters of the greatest public interest. Most state judiciaries and judicial oversight agencies deliberately withhold this information, which erodes public confidence in the courts. Courts are the public's business and should operate in the sunlight, not in secrecy.